Casa Amella starts the year launching the first and only chickpea broth in the European market. A 100% natural vegan broth, which is handmade only with cooking water of local organic farming “Pedrosillano” chickpeas and a pinch of sea salt, without unnecessary additives.

This innovative product does not contain gluten or other allergens. Also, your recipe does not include preservatives, dyes, concentrates or sugars; Because that is how you would do it at home. It comes in a 750ml glass bottle, the healthiest and most sustainable material, and its cap is BPA free.

The Organic Chickpea Broth can be heated and consumed directly, cooked with pasta, with cereals (millet, rice, quinoa …) and with legumes. It can also be used as a paella broth or for your stews and creams, adding the chickpea broth instead of water to get a unique flavor.

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