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Chickpea, seaweed and organic turmeric spread properties


After the recent Mayofaba release, we are very happy to present you with a new launch: chickpea spread with seaweed and turmeric. An ideal pate that we make only with organic, natural and 100% vegetable ingredients, designed so that you can replace animal products that contain high amounts of salt, added sugars, fats and additives (sausages, spreadable cheeses…) and help you make meals easier, with foods that come directly from nature (chickpeas, seaweed, turmeric, extra virgin olive oil…) and that cover daily nutritional needs, without sacrificing taste or your health .

You can also use it like hummus;

  • To dip with whatever you like best, we are fans of vegetable crudités: green, yellow, red pepper, carrot, cucumber…or whatever vegetable you prefer. We recommend taking them raw, as they provide us with different vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help strengthen the immune system.
  • As filling for rolls, sandwiches and burritos.
  • In canapés.
  • In salads.
  • In poke bowls.
  • Wherever you like it, it will always taste great! 😊

Benefits and properties of the spread

  • Chickpeas: They offer us a good source of high-quality and easy-to-assimilate proteins, they also contain essential amino acids such as lysine, iron and unsaturated fats that make it ideal for people suffering from cardiovascular problems, cholesterol and diabetes. Or for vegetarian, vegan and sports diets that need extra protein.

The chickpeas we use at Casa Amella are 100% local and organic, steamed, to respect their properties and organoleptic characteristics: taste, texture and smell.

  1. Seaweed: The benefits of seaweed are becoming more and more known, but we know that it is difficult to introduce them into the kitchen, which is why it is ideal to consume products already made with seaweed, in this case, in addition to giving it a touch of flavor, you benefit from its minerals and trace elements: calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine and a good source of prebiotic fiber: beneficial bacteria for the gut.

It is important to know that seaweed is a concentrated food and that a small amount (about 5g a day) is enough to benefit from all its properties. This spread contains approximately 8g of seaweed.

At Casa Amella we use seaweed, Wakame variety, locally sourced from the Galician coast.

  • Turmeric: It is one of the most well-known spices and recommended by nutritionists for its great anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial power. It helps strengthen the immune system and helps restore body temperature, making the body warm. Its benefits also include fighting joint pain, promoting digestion and helping to reduce stress. In addition, we have combined it with extra virgin olive oil and black pepper to increase its absorption and provide you with the best nutrition.

In addition, its sweet flavor with a spicy touch gives our pate a very special character!

Don’t wait any longer to try it! Incorporate it into your healthy pantry and with one open, spread and eat strengthen and take care of your systemic health and the health of your loved ones.

At Casa Amella we are committed to a conscious, healthy and delicious diet with certified organic products, local and 100% vegetable, to live a healthy life in a more sustainable environment.

Get yours now!

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