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Dani Amella started this adventure in a garage in Castellterçol (Barcelona) in 2002. This might sound like a stereotype but this is the way it all began. In this case, the garage wasn’t his, but belonged to his uncle and aunt, Joan and Nati who lent it to him so that he could store oil and olives there. As the project started to expand, his brother Xavi Amella joined him in 2004. A great deal of water has passed under the bridge since then, many crops have been harvested and Casa Amella has grown and progressed at a good pace.

  • 2002


    The foundations of Casa Amella were laid when we started to sell oil and olives produced by our trusted farmers from Tarragona

  • 2005


    We expanded our product range with homemade pasta and mushrooms picked in Catalonia.

  • 2008


    Our list of products continued to grow with sauces, roasted vegetables and tomato sauce.

  • 2010


    Having outgrown the garage, we moved to a warehouse in Moià

  • 2013

    We created our own vegan and gluten-free workshop and began to prepare roasted vegetables and to cook peppers, tomatoes, sauces and soups.

  • 2014


    We were the first in Catalonia to select and cook organic, gluten-free pulses. We also added organic vegetable cream soups packed in glass jars to our range of products.

  • 2015


    We created soya and wheat gluten based veggie burgers. We also launched our organic gluten-free Romesco sauce.

  • 2016


    We moved our facilities to the town of Artés, in order to have more room and improved communications.

  • Soon…


    Our laboratory never stops creating! We just launched new bio fruit juices from organic agriculture with local fruit, 100% pressed and squeezed and without added sugars. We are now working in new flavours.