We work with rigour and simplicity from start to finish. We ensure full traceability of our products from their origins, throughout their transformation in our workshop until they are served on your table. The whole journey is completely natural with no artificial processes or unnecessary condiments.

We only work with trusted farmers that do organic agriculture.

Our elaboration process respects the enviroment. We are a green company.

We elaborate our products in a Bio workshop following the normativa of organic agriculture.

We truly belive that a well fed society means a better world.

Our workshop is totally organic. We are certified by the CCPAE (The Catalan Councilof Organic Farming) guaranteeing that our products have been produced according to the rules of organic farming.

We also comply with the ISO 9001 certification, which guarantees our quality management system and the Kaizen philosophy forms part of the company’s DNA.

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