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Know Casa Amella


Casa Amella is a family food business which was conceived and born in Castellterçol (Barcelona) with the obsession of contributing towards a healthier, safer and more sustainable diet in keeping with all the values of Mediterranean diet.

We try to do things like they have always been done: harvesting when it’s time to harvest, cooking food the amount of time it should be cooked and using the minium ingredients possible. Paradoxical as it may seem , in doing what can be considered to be commonplace, we have become exceptional, because making quality food requires time, dedication and feeling. And we have all of these.

  • No nonsense

    We are a company with coherent and clear ideas. We have worked, work and will always work by staying true to our principles.

  • From the land to your table

    The food which reaches our workshop is freshly harvested, containing all its nutritional and organoleptic properties.

  • Local producers

    The people who grow the products that we use have a first and a last name. They are our trusted farmers.