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Make a positive impact on health and the planet


Through a conscious, healthy and delicious diet with organic, local and 100% vegetable products, to live a healthy life in a sustainable environment.

Small revolutions for a big change

We believe in a fairer and more honest food model, which is why we take the responsibility of working with local and trusted farmers who practice organic farming (without using chemical or synthetic products) and we do it as it has always been done: harvesting when it should be harvested, cooking the time that has to be cooked and using the minimum ingredients.

Zucchini, apples, chickpeas… Many of the foods we eat daily have grown in intensive agricultural fields, fertilized with nitrates, phosphates and pesticides, which contribute to air and water pollution. This affects the foundation of our own future through land degradation, salinization, excess water extraction and reduced biodiversity.

The origin of what we eat is also of great importance. Supermarket shelves are full of products that come from far away: Morocco, Belgium, China, Mexico… They are called “kilometric foods”, which, despite being also available from our country, can travel up to 9,000 km before arriving. to our table. This has an economic, employment and environmental repercussion, since it involves a large expenditure of energy and high CO2 emissions derived from transport.

This is the dominant food industry, but we deserve a better world and better food.

We believe it is necessary and urgent to promote a change: consumption as a political act. What we do with our money has become one of the most efficient ways to challenge the status quo and tip the balance towards a healthier, fairer and more sustainable world. The decisions we make every time we shop, cook and eat are key.

The authentic and free revolution begins in your kitchen!



If you also have the conviction that consuming is a political act and that your diet can be revolutionary, this is your community, #planetlover!

Twenty years have passed since our beginnings and today, the ideas for change that we have, together with the commitment and love for our convictions, still make us excited about what we do and what we can do.

At Casa Amella we have a firm commitment to people and the territory, we believe that we must act with respect for health and the natural environment that surrounds us. We want to do everything in our power to protect and care for what we love the most.


But without you, #planetlover, we are nothing.
Will you join in feeding the world we want?

Products conscious with health and the environment


Grown and processed without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified organisms. We take care of our health, that of the farmers and we favor the biodiversity of the earth.


Vegetables harvested at their optimal and seasonal moment. From trusted producers and producers. We support the local and rural economy and reduce CO₂ emissions.

100% vegetables

The vegetable diet based on real foods, avoiding ultra-processed foods and additives, is the most sustainable because it has a low impact on the environment and is healthier because it prevents chronic pathologies.

Without weird additives

We are against making up food with dyes, thickeners, antioxidants, sugars or other additives that all they do is hide the imperfections of the raw material or the product.

Minimal ingredients

If things are good there is no need to add anything else. All the food we use is fresh and steamed just as it came from the ground. We do not enhance its flavor with anything other than a little extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Healthy packaging

90% of our containers are made of glass. The safest and 100% recyclable material. The other materials are compostable and recyclable. All are free of Bisphenol A. The labels are made of recyclable paper from FSC sustainable forests.

Download our Sustainable Development Actions (SDG) here.

And we make them with green electricity

Our facilities are new and are equipped with led lights and green electricity. This means that we obtain electricity from non-polluting natural and renewable sources.