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NEW! Organic Vegan Mayofaba


The first vegan mayo on the Spanish market made with aquafaba and 100% natural ingredients, without egg. Aquafaba is the cooking broth resulting from cooking chickpeas, which thanks to its emulsifying properties becomes the vegetable alternative to the egg. So that you can enjoy a mayo with only 5 ingredients as you would make it at home.

You’ll love its creamy texture and smooth flavor, but without the processed starches, added sugars, or soy powder used in other vegan mayonnaises.

At Casa Amella we reduce food waste by reusing the cooking water from the chickpeas (Aquafaba), obtaining a mayonnaise with the water-soluble nutrients that this legume provides us with the added value of being an ecological product, and avoiding the additives that could remain in the residual water from cooking the chickpeas.

Good for you, good for the animals and good for the environment. Try it in a salad,  fries, as a side dish with your veggie burger, wherever you like it best. Today might be a good day to try it!

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