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Our commitment


We like to do things properly and act with responsability towards everything which surrounds us. We conduct our business in an ethical and respectful way, showing our strong commitment both to our people and our region.

  • Products

    We are fully aware of the fact that a healthy diet is a serious matter. For this reason, we use local and seasonal products which come from organic farming. We select and treat our vegetables and pulses with the utmost care, so that once they are cooked and packed, they will conserve all their properties. We ara 100% committed to organic farming because it has been proved beyond doubt that it leads to a healthier lifestyle. It has nothing to do with fashion or trends; it is a question of our company’s principales and ethos.

  • Society

    We want to help improve people’s health by means of organically grown produce which is the most natural, healthy and nutritious food available. We believe that a well-fed society is synonymous with a better world. With this commitment firmly rooted in us, we work conscientiously, we innovate, we investigate and we seek the highest quality in all the products we offer.

  • clients

    The people who consume our products are our top priority. The same preference for healthy organic food unites us and so everything we do focuses on them. We work so they can have a healthier diet and lifestyle, providing them with healthy, delicious-tasting food and more time to spend doing whatever they like; because we’ll take care of the cooking. We do so with low-salt, gluten-free, lactose-free and egg-free products. Thus, all our customers can enjoy our excellent products regardless of whether they have allergies or not, are vegans, vegetarians or follow any other dietary options.

  • Planet

    We are a green company committed to sustainability. We minimise the environmental impact of all the processes that we carry out and we act with respect towards the natural environment that surrounds us. We keep an open mind regarding different dietary options, but we personally think that the best place for animals is not on our plates, so for this reason, we do not use any animal origin ingredients in our products.

  • Producers

    We only work with trustworthy farmers who practise organic farming (without using any synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms). All of them share our vision concerning eco-conscious food. We visit them personally to know what their land is like and we respect their harvests, whether they be big or small. They are a very important part of the Casa Amella process; they plant the seeds of our products.

  • Surroundings

    We are in favour of promoting local produce and supporting the work of local producers who grow the best products. However, they must be the best. Our aim is to find excellence as close to home as possible, avoiding unnecessary trips and pollution.

All the raw material we use is fresh. The products reach our workshop when they have just been harvested and with all their nutritional and organoleptic properties. By cooking them, processing them and packing them in less than 24 hours, this means that all these properties remain intact.

The products we produce come from organic farming. They have been grown, prepared and packed with no contact with any type of chemical and all the different processes they have undergone are completely natural.

We only work with seasonal foods and we only have them when they are in seson and when the crops have been good. At each moment, we use the products which belong to the season in question and which the earth gives us.

As soon as the products enter through the front door of Casa Amella, we wash them and chop them, and in less than 24 hours we have already cooked, peeled and packed them so you can enjoy them a few days later.

If things are good, there is no need to add anything else. Following the Central European “four ingredients” movement that claims that any decent recipe should not require more than four ingredients, most of our products only have extra virgin olive oil of Siurana origin and organic sea salt added to them. You can check this by reading the labels.

Our products are what they are and they expire when they expire, usually after two years. We do not intend to further lengthen their lives or to dress them up with food colourings wichalter their appearance. In order to preserve them naturally, we seal the containers by autoclave procedure, a thermal process which heats food to the right temperature in order to sterilise it without damaging its properties.

We do not use any product which is not 100% fresh. We cook it as it comes out of the ground and during its preparation process, we only enhance its taste with a little oil and salt.

We steam cook all our products. In order to respect their natural taste, we just add salt when it is strictly necessary. Moreover, we use minimum quantities of organic sea salt which has not been refined or treated with chemicals.

The printed product labels bear the date of their production and their shelf-life, which is usually two years. We do this so you know exactly how long they have been made and exactly what day they will expire on. We like to be transparent with everything.

We make sure that our containers are completly healthy, so we only use glass jars. In additon, all our lids are free of bisphenol A (BPA) as dictated by European food safety legislation, which is not yet in force in Spain.