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Organic Fried Tomato Creamy Texture 320g


The organic fried tomato for the whole family! Seedless and with a creamier texture and no added sugar or sweeteners.

INGREDIENTS: Tomato* (191.4g of natural tomato for every 100g of fried tomato), extra virgin olive oil* and sea salt*. (*= Organic Agriculture).

ORIGEN: Locally sourced ingredients.

Glass container. Removable FSC paper label; to reuse or recycle more easily.


You will love it because…

The production process is artisanal and respects the raw material. Once the tomato is crushed, we season it with extra virgin olive oil, a little sea salt and pack it. Its creamy, seedless texture will please everyone in the house.

In addition, it is without added sugars, without sweeteners, without concentrates and without any other additives. Only organic tomatoes from local farmers. The sugars present are those naturally present in the tomato.


Open and use as a base for cooking, stews, rice, pasta, legumes etc.

Once opened, keep in the refrigerator.