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Organic “Lechoso” Chickpeas 370g


Large, steamed and creamy!

A jar of Casa Amella cooked chickpeas in the pantry saves you from any unexpected circumstances and is the quick and healthy solution to benefit from all its nutrients.

INGREDIENTS: Chickpea variety Lechoso* (99%), cooking water and sea salt. (*= Organic Agriculture).

Being ecological and additive-free, we recommend not to reject the cooking water and use it for stews.

ORIGIN: Spain.

Glass container. Removable FSC paper label; to reuse or recycle more easily.


You'll love it because...

We only use organic national and extra category chickpeas. These come from our trusted local producers.

We steam them, the healthiest cooking. This is how we preserve its flavor and smell to the maximum, respect the nutrients much better and obtain an incredible texture.

It is large, paler in color and a little more elongated. Unlike Pedrosillano chickpeas, this one has a creamier texture that makes it ideal for making hummus.

No additives and no preservatives.


Open, heat and eat! Ideal for recipes in which we want an extra creaminess: hummus, pâtés, stews, etc.

Once opened, keep in the refrigerator.

Additional information

Informació nutricional

– Valor energètic: 485kJ / 116kcal
– Greixos: 2,3g
– Dels quals saturats: 0,50g
– Hidrats de carboni: 14g
– Dels quals sucres: 0,6g
– Fibra: 7,3g
– Proteïna: 6,1g
– Sal: 0,10g

Pes net

vidre 330g

Caducitat: fins 24 mesos.