Raw hazelnuts with skin Bio

We have selected these fruits directly from our farmer, the one who also gives us the bitter hazelnut and the marcona almond to prepare the sauce of calçots Bio.

They are natural: raw and without salt.


Hazelnuts contain flavonoids that improve circulation and promote brain health; they can provide great health benefits, you just have to take a handful a day.

They are a moderate source of vegetable protein, which provides physical energy in the body and mental agility in the brain, they also help repairing bone and muscle cells and damaged organs. They also provide minerals: they are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus.


  • Ingredients: 100% hazelnuts* (*=Organic Agriculture)
  • Origin: Spain
  • Expiration: 1 year
  • Formats: PE + PET container with 120g ZIP closure

Raw food


Non bitter

Organic Agriculture (CCPAE)

No salt

No gluten

Locally grown

Directly from our farmer

Free from BPA (Bisfenol A)

Keep in a fresh and dry place

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