Wheat gluten and carrot burger Bio

Preparation: We chop the wheat gluten and mix in oatmeal, onions, carrots and the other ingredients until it forms a smooth dough. It is left to rest before forming the individual burgers. We pack them and after going through a thermal process, they are labelled.

  • Ingredients: Wheat gluten* (34%) (wheat flour, gluten, shoyu, tamari, water, kombu seaweed, garlic and ginger), oatmeal*, onion*, carrot* (14%), brown rice*, whole wheat flour*, sunflower oil*, shoyu* (water, soya, wheat, sea salt and koji), mugi-miso* (oats, soya, water, sea salt and koji), sea salt, parsley*, oregano*, turmeric* and black pepper*.
  • Origin: Spain
  • Expiration: 90 days
  • Formats: Thermosealed film with two 140gr burgers.





Free from hydrogenated fats

No added sugar

Allergens: Wheat flour, gluten, oat flakes, whole wheat flour, soy and garlic.

Organic and locally grown vegetables

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