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The Kaizen Method for continuous improvement


The method we use for quality management at Casa Amella is based on the Kaizen method, which is a Japanese philosophy that means continuous improvement, taken from the words ‘Kai’, (improvement) and ‘zen’ (continuous). Applied to the company, this concept has the aim of improving all aspects of the business every day by focusing on people. It means that we give utmost importance to both our team working at Casa Amella as well as all of our consumers outside the company. Our first and fundamental objective is to improve in order to provide our customers with the greatest added value through a systematic improvement in quality, cost and satisfaction levels.


The recent addition of a nutritionist asthe director of the quality department is, for example, one of the measures we have taken in order for our quality to keep growing “in crescendo”. Her work has the support of a technician who works closely with her to ensure that our products are excellent in every possible way.


Apart from its impact on our production and cost systems, the Kaizenmethod has also led to the creation of weekly meetings (quality control circles) that we use to listen to our staff’s opinions, to involve them and to take advantage of their knowledge and experienceto generate ideas.


It’s a question of today being better than yesterday and tomorrow being better than today.

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