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This is the best bottled tomato that you can buy in a supermarket


Natural tomato is a food with 94% water, so it helps us stay hydrated and is low in calories. It is also a source of vitamins A and C. Therefore, the best can of tomato that we can find in the supermarket is the one that maintains its benefits to a greater extent.

Which? Well, the crushed tomato, simply, with only two ingredients in the list: tomato and acidity corrector (citric acid). Carlos Ríos, creator of the Realfooding movement, classifies this tomato as a “good processed product”.

But generally, most consumers prefer fried tomato sauces. The best will be the one with these four ingredients: tomato, extra virgin olive oil, salt and sugar. Sugar is used to correct the acid taste of tomato, but it is still a controversial ingredient, as some fried tomatoes from the supermarket abuse this ingredient to find a recipe that’s more likeable to consumers.

Tomato is a food that, curiously increases its properties when cooked. Mixing the tomato with olive oil allows the body to absorb more of the lycopene it contains. That means the fried tomato does not have to be a harmful product if it is made with healthy proportions of ingredients, minimizing sugar and using extra virgin olive oil. A stir-fry tomato sauce (Sofrito) should mainly include olive oil (preferably extra virgin), tomato and onion.

Sofrito Bio Casa Amella (stir-fry tomato sauce) only has fresh tomato (75%), onion (22%), extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. It is also ecological!

Our Fried Tomato Bio Casa Amella also differentiates from others by containing 97% organic fresh tomatoes, organic extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Both are without sugars or sweeteners, without concentrates, without colorants and low in salt.

They are also friendly with the environment, for being locally sourced and for packed in glass.

Is this the best bottled tomato you can buy in the supermarket?

We are convinced that it is so.

Source: Rodriguez, J. (24 octubre, 2019). “Este es el mejor tomate de bote que puedes comprar en el supermercado” – From https://www.elespanol.com(El Español)

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