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Vegetable egg alternative


Aquafaba is a real wonder for creating vegan dishes and cocktails. It is the water in which the chickpeas are cooked. At CasaAmella® we have produced the first aquafaba on the market that beats to stiff peaks in just 3 minutes per 100ml, thanks to a careful R&D process. We have achieved the perfect concentration that allows you to get stiff very quickly without the need to add sugars, starches, flours…

It can be used in both sweet and savory recipes and vegan cocktail making, a growing sector very welcomed by vegans, egg-allergic or intolerant people or anyone interested in innovative cooking with a magical ingredient.

Thanks to the protein, carbohydrate and saponin content of the legumes and which are added to the water, AquafabaBio has foaming, emulsifying, agglutinating, gelatinizing and thickening properties.

This is how it has the ability to replace the egg and make any recipe, from:

– Mayonnaise

– Omelettes

– Burgers

– Vegetable meatballs

– Dairy or egg substitutes.

– Breaded recipies

– Cocktails

– Crepes and pancakes

Confectionery (meringue, mousse, cookies, pancakes, biscuits, ice cream…)

Do you want recipes? Click here!

And if you prefer a whipped cream without the additions of industrial vegan creams, AquafabaBio will also be your ally. How to use it? Very easy! Beat until stiff peaks are reached, if you like it sweeter, with a little sugar, and add it to your recipes, you’ll see how good it is!

Do you have doubts? We can solve all or almost all of them for you and if you have any left we will be happy to help you, contact us!

How much AquafabaBio do I need to replace an egg?

50ml of AquafabaBio is equivalent to one egg. Therefore, the 250ml container is equivalent to 5 eggs and the 750ml container is equivalent to 15 eggs.

How is it used?

AquafabaBio works like an egg when you use it as an ingredient in cooking and baking. Shake the container before opening to activate all its properties and put the amount you need in a large bowl. Now all you have to do is beat it to soft or stiff peaks (for this reason the bowl must be large because it grows and grows) with an electric mixer or food processor until you reach the desired consistency and then you can add it to your vegan recipes.

How long does it take to beat to stiff peaks?

AquafabaBioCasaAmella® only takes 3 minutes to reach the proper consistency for each 100ml. The fastest on the market.

Can I use it without beating it?

Of course! There are many recipes that do not need egg whites at soft or stiff peaks, for example mayonnaise and the traditional potato omelette, but changing the egg for a mixture of AquafabaBio and chickpea flour will get the job done!

And can I just use the cooking water from the chickpeas directly?

In short, yes you can, but each brand of chickpea water acts differently and most carry additives, so results will vary. We’ve worked to create a version of AquafabaBio that’s the perfect ratio of chickpea protein and water to give you amazing results.

In addition, we pack it in the most sustainable and 100% recyclable packaging that you can keep in your pantry, unopened, for up to 24 months.

How long does Aquafaba last once opened?

Once opened, keep it in the fridge, it will last for 7 days.

Can you freeze the remaining content?

Of course! It will last up to 3 months frozen. You can do it in the same bottle, in another container or in ice cubes.

What benefits does it have?

For your health:

Aquafaba is a nutrient that has antioxidant and remineralizing capacity with a much faster assimilation capacity than chickpea. In addition, it is more digestible than egg white. Also, it is the Aquafaba that contains more protein on the market, without fat, without gluten and without additives. Only 2.5Kcal per serving.

For the planet:

1 kg of eggs (equivalent to 120 eggs) emits approximately 4.8 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere, in addition to soil and water pollution in intensive farms. You too can help the planet by choosing AquafabaBio, made from locally sourced organic chickpeas.

How does AquafabaBio look and smell like?

AquafabaBio is a brown liquid with a sweet and mild chickpea smell. Once we start beating it, it becomes a much lighter color and will gradually turn into white foam. The longer we beat it, the thicker it will become!

Can I eat it raw?

AquafabaBioCasaAmella® has a lot of protein and is an ideal drink for athletes, it is very energetic and remineralizing.

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