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We have moved to Artés



For the second time, we have outgrown our facilities. The building we had in Moià was too small for the production carried out and for the 15 people who work on the project. So, we decided to move to Artés, to a site with ​​over 1,000m2 where we have been able to improve our logistic network and where we are closer to our farmers.


Artés is a town in the county of Bages, located in the heart of Catalonia. It has good connections, and is just a few kilometresaway from many of the producers we work with. Thismeans that when we go to see them or when they bring us their harvests, we can reduce theCO2 footprint of our journeys.


One of the new industrial units is dedicated exclusively to our workshop where we can work more comfortably, and the other one is for logistics. The other buildings (warehouse, reception area and offices) are also more spacious and are equipped with machinery and furniture which is as eco-friendly as possible. All the materials we have chosen for the different areas are recyclable and we have ensured that they all contaminate as little as possible by using ecological paint on the walls, and materials such as wood, glass, clay, etc. on the floors.


We have been in our new headquarters since the beginning of 2016. Our new address is: Pol. Ind. Santa Maria, C/NarcísMonturiol, 48E, 1P d’Artés (Barcelona).


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