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We promote ourselves at the Biofach fair in Nuremberg (Germany)


We have been, together with 11 Catalan companies grouped by PRODECA; at the Biofach exhibition, the main showcase in Europe and the world dedicated exclusively to organic food that takes place in Nuremberg (Germany) from February 14 to 17. Dani (SEO) and Jan (Export Manager) were exhibiting our range of products from local origin, additives free, allergens free and 100% vegetable, highlighting the latest developments that are current trends in the European market and worldwide:

Jan (Export Manager) at the Biofach stand

What did we present there?

Vegetable creams · Legumes · Tomato preserves · Squeezed fruit juices

Biofach 2023 stand graphics

Our last novelties:

As expected, the latest market trends in Plant Based foods were the main focus of attention with the following innovations based on AQUAFABA: it is the water of the legume, in this case chickpeas, which has very functional properties similar to eggs: emulsifying, foaming, binding, gelatinizing and thickening and with the advantage of being a completely natural product with only two ingredients: chickpea cooking water and sea salt. Nutritionally, chickpeas are a good source of protein and have lots of water-soluble nutrients.

  • Aquafaba for hospitality and industry, 250ml, 750ml and 4L formats.

  • MayoFaba: Mayonnaise without egg, made with its vegetable alternative: aquafaba.

Stand novelties Biofach graphics
Dani Amella (SEO Casa Amella) with aquafaba format 4L for industry / catering.

Format Aquafaba Cocktail 750ml: to create the white foam by replacing the egg white. The advantage of aquafaba is that it has a neutral taste and smell, ideal for cocktail bars looking to offer the latest trends and adapt to the growing needs of vegan customers.

Night Aquafaba for cocktail bars

And soon we will expand the range of sauces: AioliFaba: Typical Aioli Sauce (Garlic and oil) but without egg, made with aquafaba instead.

Altres notícies

Vegetable egg alternative

Vegetable egg alternative

Aquafaba is a real wonder for creating vegan dishes and cocktails. It is the water in which the chickpeas are cooked. At CasaAmella® we have produced the first aquafaba on the market that beats to stiff peaks in just 3 minutes per 100ml, thanks to a careful R&D...